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Choose your favourite weather models, layers and isolines. Enhance the map with your own data. Use our maps to display the information you prefer.


Choose from weather models, layers and isolines

Use one of 6 weather models, 40+ layers and isolines. Map contains controls, legend, picker


Enhance the map with your own data

Use our maps to show information you need. Use for tracking and something other.



Use API Trial to see if it fits your needs

Limited forecast models

Limited layers

Development purpose only,
not intended for production



API Professional was created specifically for corporate customers and extensive projects

Unlimited forecast models
(ECMWF for internal use only)

Unlimited layers

990€ / year
1 000€ for ECMWF

Sessions per day


10 000*
* can be increased by agreement

Available models


gfs, icon, nam, arome, geos5, ecmwf*
* for internal use only

Available layers

wind, temperature, pressure

wind, wind gusts, wind accumulation, rain & thunder, rain accumulation, new snow, snow depth, precipitation type, thunderstorms, temperature, dew point, humidity, freezing altitude, clouds, high clouds, medium clouds, low clouds, fog, cloud tops, CAPE index, waves, swell, swell 2, swell 3, wind waves, sea temperature, currents, CO concentration, dust mass, SO2 mass, NO₂, PM2.5, aerosol, ozone layer, pressure, extreme wind, extreme temperature, extreme rain, satellite

not available: outdoor map, radar & lightning, weather warnings

Available isolines

pressure, temperature

pressure, geopotential height, temperature, freezing altitude